He Found Favour in Her – The Visit

Hello again! Ahhh, Christmas is fast approaching, and everything is so exciting! 😀 We have Christmas cookies coming out of our ears, Christmas music spilling constantly out of our mouths, Christmas packages constantly arriving (Amazon is a life saver :D) and lots of visitors coming for Christmas activities at our house. Christmas has really snuck up on me this year. It seems like it was just last week that we were just beginning the Christmas season, and now it’s only 3 days away! :O But everything is joyous and Christmas-y and crazy and it’s all wonderful! 😀

And since today is now upon us, that means it’s time for part 3 of He Found Favour in Her! Click here to read Part 2: The Telling


The Visit

Two women, one young and one old, sat outside a low, earthen house. The young women’s hands flew as she deftly worked a small loom that was sitting on her lap. The older women spun wool with ease, though her hands were stretched at a rather awkward angle around her belly. For the older women was pregnant. Very heavily pregnant.

“Elizabeth,” Said the young woman, breaking the silence “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course my child.”

“Why did God choose me to carry the Messiah?” She let the loom slip to the ground, and placed her hands gently on her slightly swollen abdomen. Before that gesture, you would not have noticed that she was pregnant. But now, closely looking, you would be able to see a small bump swelling beneath the girl’s robe.

“Why me, and why here? I’m not married. Did God not know it would cause a stir? And why in Nazareth? It’s a nowhere place with a bad reputation! People even say ‘Can anything good come from Nazareth?’!

So why would God choose a young, unmarried girl from Nazareth to carry his son, the Messiah? Why did God chose me?” The questions came to an abrupt stop, and the two sat in silence for a moment.

“Well, my dear, I’m no rabbi or priest.” Elizabeth slowly began. “I am just a simple woman who has faith in God. But I do know this – God does not look at the outward appearance and circumstances, but instead what is in the heart.” She placed her wrinkled hand over Mary’s slim, brown one. “He chose you Mary. He saw your heart and chose you. And you know, God has a plan. He has had a plan right from the beginning to rescue his people, and we’ve been waiting so long. But now, it seem it is finally going to happen!”

She gave a small laugh. “I never dreamt it would happen in my life time, or that the Messiah would be born to my cousin. But where was I…? Oh yes, his plan. It is a perfect plan, and you are part of it. God will take care of everything, after all he’s had plenty of time to work it all out. You only need to trust him. Does that help, my child?”

“Yes…” Mary sighed. “I know in my heart that God has a plan. It’s just hard to see through all the questions sometimes.”

She looked into Elizabeth’s warm eyes and smiled. “Thank you, Elizabeth, for opening up your house, and for your kind, wise words. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t come here.”

“Oh, it is nothing. My home is always open, especially to my favourite youngest cousin! Come here…” Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Mary, hugging her tightly. Then they both broke into laughing, and pulled apart.

“Did you feel that?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes! He is strong!”

“Here, feel.” Elizabeth took Mary’s hand in hers and placed it on her belly. Mary’s eyes glistened with joy as the child inside kicked out. Elizabeth’s face erupted into thousands of smile wrinkles as her miracle baby moved inside her womb.

“I think he is ready to come out. What do you think?” Mary asked

“Whew, yes he is… Any day now!” Elizabeth sighed, rubbing her stomach. “There is not much room left!” She broke into another joyful chuckle.

“Just think, one day, our sons will play together!” smiled Mary.

“They are both destined for great things. Just think, their comings were both foretold by angels!”

Elizabeth’s eyes grew distant for a moment, as she remembered the day, nearly 9 months ago now, when her husband had staggered out of the temple, mute and shaking. An angel had visited him, and foretold the birth of their miracle son. Their lives had never been the same since that day.

“Yes, they are both miracle children…” She mused quietly.

Oh, God has been so merciful to both of us.” Mary rejoiced. “He is worthy of our praise!”

“Yes, he certainly is! He has given us miracles and kept his promise of long ago.” Said Elizabeth. “Shall we thank him for his goodness now?”

“Oh yes, yes.” Mary responded. Elizabeth took Mary’s hands in hers, and they both bowed their heads.

“Lord God, we thank you that you have kept your promise…”


That’s part 3! How are you enjoying the so far? We have 3 more parts to come, so see you back here soon! 🙂

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