Poem – Seeking the Rainbow

Hello and welcome to the first ‘Way of Delight’ blog post of 2018!! Goodness, that does feel odd to write… πŸ˜€ 2018 – can you believe it?! 2017 went so incredibly fast, and now we’re already almost a week into 2018… Goodness, life is crazy sometimes. πŸ˜€ Anyways, today technically should’ve been my top books in December post, but life got in the way again… (it seems to have a habit of doing so :D) So instead I shall post a poem, and you can look forward to the top books post next week. πŸ˜‰

This poem is actually pretty special, because it’s the first poem I wrote that has told a story! My poems tend to be snippets of stories, introductions to stories, or just my thoughts spread onto paper. So this story-poem is the first of it’s kind! And I so enjoyed writing it it may not be the last… πŸ˜€ The prompt came courtesy of Pinterest, which in turn got it courtesy of Shakespeare. Shakespeare is good for a lot of things, including poetry prompts! πŸ˜€

little and fierce.jpg


Seeking the Rainbow

She is little

But she is fierce.

A fire has sparked within her

Her spirit has risen up within her

And she has set her face against the wind

Stood facing the horizon

And has said

β€œI am here.

But there I will go.

I will seek

And I will find.”

And she is going.

One step at a time

Bracing her small frame against the dark storm

Shielding her eyes against the stinging rain

Shutting her ears against the dissenting voices

And one step at a time

She is moving forward

Her face is set like flint

Her mind is made up

Her heart thuds resolutely in her chest

And the words form on her lips

β€œBehind every storm is a rainbow.

I must find it.”

And her feet keep moving forward

Her body beaten and battered

By pellets of rain

Water running in rivers

Over her copper head

And down her stooped shoulders

She leans against the wind

And walks through it

One splashing step at a time.

The fire in her heart

Warms her from the inside out

She barely feels the cold soaking

Her slight frame


She perseveres onward

Through the dim



The hope

Of the light

And colour

Of the rainbow

Luring her on

One step follows another

Across the great wet plain

And one mile becomes two becomes three

And still she continues onward

Water rippling in puddles

That turn into streams

That cover the ground

A solitary figure

Walking on a great sheet of water

With a deluge descending upon her

Her face ever set towards the horizon

The words swirling like floodwaters in her head

β€œAfter every storm is a rainbow.

I must find it.”

It seems like many hours have passed by

Carried on by the roaring storm

Still she walks

One step followed by another

The shadowy horizon is drawing nearer

And still water rains down

Never ceasing



People say she is crazy.

That the storm is too big

The darkness too great

The water too much

It is impossible.

But their voices of doubt

Echo feebly in her head

The storm has met its match

The girl will not give up

The darkness cannot swallow the fire

That shines from her eyes

The rain cannot drown the whisper

That falls from her lips

β€œI must find the rainbow.”

She has met the horizon

It has turned into a hill

Sloping upwards

In an unfriendly grimace

She gazes up at it

And simply repeats

β€œAt the end of every storm is a rainbow.”

Then she begins to climb.

The rain is at her back now

Pounding and driving her

onwards and upwards

The wind carries her on its back

Her feet are light and quick

The stony turf tries to catch her tender skin

But she is oblivious to it

The hope pulls her on

Faster and faster

Her breath is coming quick

Her eyes glow with spirit

Mirroring her fiery hair

β€œI am seeking the rainbow.”

She murmers.

She is nearly to the crest of the hill

The rain is weakly spattering now

The wind is limply sputtering now

The storm is dying now

One foot after the other

One step follows another

Her face glows

And then


She is at the top

And there above her

In a sapphire and amethyst sky

Hangs a bow of colour

A painted arch in the heavens

Light and life stretched out so close

She could reach out and touch it

The myriad of iridescent colours

Draped in the sky above her

Glows and sheens


In her eyes

Satisfaction warms her being

The fire within her burns brighter

They had said she couldn’t

So she did.

β€œI was there,

Now I am here.

And now I know

That behind every storm

There is a rainbow.”


There we go! I hope you enjoyed this story-poem!

Let’s chat in the comments! How has your first week of 2018 gone?

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

9 thoughts on “Poem – Seeking the Rainbow”

  1. Brilliant! An amazing piece of writing. Would never have guessed that this girl who was little and fierce had a determined spirit to do what would seem to us – impossible. You painted the picture beautifully of how difficult this adventure was, how she had to persevere and hope, despite extremely unfavorable conditions. β€œHope pulls her on, faster and faster.” Reminded me of Noah who had to press on building that ark in the face of much opposition and the hope of God’s promise. Loved your description of the rainbow! Excellent story-poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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