Poem – Kindred Fire

Well hello again! I’m afraid that it’s yet again been a fortnight since my last post. Whoops. πŸ˜€ Blame the incredibly crazy schedule that my family is currently on… Anyways, I think for ease of my mind and clarity for you, my readers, I’m just going to say that I’ll be posting fortnightly until we return home from our US trip. I hope you all don’t mind the decrease in posting for just a few more weeks!

The poem I’m sharing today is one that I scrawled down by a campfire under the stars last week. You’ll probably realize that as soon as you read the poem, because, surprise, surprise, it’s about fire and stars. πŸ˜€ Let me know what you think of it in the comments – I love hearing from you! πŸ™‚


lilies leap within the dark
flickering flames meld
in a heated dance
of harmony

scorching white hearts
curl into golden wisps
yellow meets orange in golden marriage
blue hot centres build
in a passion
of heat

treasures of gold
encased in flames
jewels of fire
reach up into the night

pinprick of stars
diamonds wink down
cold fire above
mirroring hot fire below

friend greets friend
kindred fire hearted souls
pulsing with light and life
one the queen of the sky
other the king of the earth

roped in treasures of the deep
gold from the heart of the earth
writhes among the flames
winks among the stars

what richness is found
how much more is hidden

the treasures we see
speak of treasures unknown
buried in the burning heart of fire
hidden in the velvet depths of heaven

campfire 2


Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

15 thoughts on “Poem – Kindred Fire”

  1. This was such a beautifully written piece! ❀
    I simply loved it…
    Your descriptions and writing style were just so poignant and evocative; I could see the fire blazing right before me.
    Looking forward to reading more from you, Hannah!


    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement, Natalie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem – it does my heart good to hear that my writing has struck a chord with my readers. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Hannah! I’m sure your schedule is busy – fun and joyful. Even while away, your mind and pen are always moving. Why not wait to post again until you get back to England? Enjoyed this one on “Kindred Fire”. A lot of description and metaphor. You captured the fire visual well and then the potential buried unknown treasures beyond. Great pictures too. πŸ™‚


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