Five 5 Star Books (July 2018)

How is it already the end of July?! Time has gone so quickly… I know I say that a lot but it’s true. πŸ˜€ It’s been a pretty fun week, what with writing poetry, getting my first bank account and accepting my first job offer. #excitingtimes! Amidst it all I’ve also read a lot of very good books recently, in fact the past 5 books I’ve read have been 5* ratings for me! So I thought I’d share some brief thoughts about them with you….


suprised bu oxford
Suprised by Oxford

Wow. Just wow. Yes, this book is amazing. Yes, you should read it. Yes, as soon as possible.
Seriously though, this is definitely in my top 10 (or maybe even 5) ‘first-read-through books this year’. The depth of the insight that Weber manages to get through her words is incredible. The descriptions are delectable and oh so vivid. And her story is incredible. I loved the heart that showed through the beauty of her writing. This book gave me much to ponder over – a very, very good thing. Basically, I’m struggling here to put into words how much I enjoyed this book, so you need to go read it so you can see for yourself. I promise you 100% it will be time well spent!!


guernsey literary

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This is an absolutely delightful read. And reading the second time round made it even more so. The characters are so unique and memorable – they really came alive to come while reading. I loved the unique style of writing – a whole book written in the form of letters is not something you come across very often. I loved the plot – it takes the reader on a journey through England and Guernsey and the years during and after WWII and it’s just wonderful. And I of coursed loved the emphasis on books – reading about the literary society meetings made me want to start one of my own up right away! This book truly delighted my book and history loving heart, and I would highly recommend it. (now I just need to get my hands on the movie!)



Wonderland Creek

Ahh I love this book! I mean, what’s not to love about a flighty librarian obsessed with books that somehow manages to land in a situation that sounds like a crazy novel. I love the characters, I love the plot, I love the emphasis on books and libraries. I pretty much love it all. πŸ˜€ Lynn Austin is a masterful writer and this book does not disappoint!


a light between the oceans

The Light Between Oceans

Ohhhh my heart. You know a book is good when you literally cannot put it down and so read it through in one sitting, finishing at 1 am by the light of a flashlight. And for me, you know a book is very good when it makes you cry. Because I hardly ever cry when I read books (in fact I can remember only two other incidents in the entirety of my reading life when a book made me cry). But boy oh boy does this book bring up a swell of emotions in you. I became incredibly invested in the characters in just a few chapters, and then I had to sit and watch helplessly as their story unfolded as the pages turned, inwardly agonizing along with them as they had to make heart-rending decisions. I truly was feeling helpless and hopeless along with them, and when you feel that depth of emotion then you really do know this book is good. I would not recommend reading this book if you are a mother – it would probably tear you apart. My heart was already cracking and I’m only 17. It is incredibly beautifully written, and the characters are so wonderfully flawed, but my heart nearly couldn’t take it. So yes, this book is amazing, and yes I loved it. But be prepared to become incredibly invested in the story and have a box of tissues handy once part 3 comes around. Because you’re going to need them.


anne of the island
Anne of the Island

This is probably somewhere around my 5th reread, but yet Anne and her stories never get old. The ‘Anne of Green Gables’ series will forever have a very near and dear place in my heart, and this book is no exception. Please note the exceptionally beautiful cover of this book that delights my heart with its beauty. xD Also note the incredibly memorable and darling characters, the stunning descriptions of nature, and the absolutely perfect ending. Please read the whole series (either for the first time or for the 10th), and then come squeal with me about their beauty and perfection – I’d love that!! πŸ™‚


Let’s chat in the comments! Have you read any of these books before? Thoughts? And have you read any 5* books recently?


Author: Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Five 5 Star Books (July 2018)”

  1. I love surprised by Oxford! It’s such a good book πŸ™‚ I really want to read the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society as well – did you know it’s coming out as a movie soon?


    1. Yes, ‘Suprised by Oxford’ is so good, isn’t it?! What was your favourite part?
      And yes you should totally read TGLAPPS (the abbreviation is nearly as long as the actual title lol!) – it’s an absolutely darling book. I’m currently waiting for the film to come out on dvd so I can watch it. πŸ˜‰


  2. There was so much I loved about Surprised by Oxford but her dressed in a ballgown and getting a ride home in the rain on the back of a police horse was definitely both hilarious and devastating! πŸ™‚


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