Poem – Down South

Greetings! I’m back after a rather busy week on my end… I worked for 4 full days at my summer job at a children’s nursery (and thoroughly enjoyed myself!), my family had a lot of people over at various points during the week and we are in the throes of planning out our next school year.. So its been slightly manic to say the least! Thus my lazy morning today making an apple pie, an apple crumble and listening to podcasts was much appreciated. 😀

So, this week I’m bringing to you the second of two poems that I wrote on the topic of the American Civil War. You can read the first one here. I wanted to make the two poems mirror each other in the stories they told, and I really had fun working with the words and phrases to get them to work in that way! I hope you enjoy poem #2 – ‘Down South’


I signed up today

signed up to join
the hordes of grey marching
up north
determined to stop the tide
of blue

they are a blind and stubborn people
we must loosen their grip
before we are strangled

this country is tearing apart
we must sever all bonds
states should be allowed to leave
we have the right

they say it’s all about slavery
it’s not
it’s about fighting and dying
for the states who are in bondage

in the end
state’s rights come above anything else
the rebellion must be fanned into flame
and I must play
a small part
in the fanning

my grandfather fought for this country
fought in the revolution
for freedom from an oppressive government
I will follow in his footsteps
I cannot let his fighting
be all for nothing

so I’ve answered the call
of my people
and Mr Davis
and I will fight
to create a new nation

to be sure
my leaving will tear
mama apart
I’m her youngest son

and deep inside
something wonders if
these men up north
are only hurting and angered
to be reconciled through total separation

but I must go
there’s no turning back
I’m a Confederate solider now
and there’s a long road ahead
curving up north


So what do you think of this poem? Or the poems together as a whole? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!!

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

One thought on “Poem – Down South”

  1. Hannah, these two Civil War poems are brilliant! Every student of the Civil War should have them. I may try to have them available, side by side, giving you credit, of course.:) In fact, I’m working on framing them side by side! I confess, I’m not a Civil War buff, but your perceptions of a soldier from each camp were truly enlightening.


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