Poem – In The Beginning

Well hello! 🙂 Another week has passed, and that means it’s time for another blog post. This week has been really busy for me, mainly trying to figure out how to do this foreign thing called ‘school’ again… 😀 I’m afraid I was rather spoiled by my four month summer break! But it’s been actually pretty enjoyable, and I’m really liking all my subjects so far.

This year, my family is going through an ancient history curriculum that starts with the creation of the world and goes all the way to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I’m sure it’s going to be very interesting! The very first lesson we read together was on the Biblical account of creation of the world. As I was listening, my poetry brain was sparked, and a (rather long!) poem came into being as a result. I’m going to share that poem with you today. I loved imagining what creation could’ve looked like – there must’ve been so much beauty and majesty and wonder swirling around as God created the earth! I hope this poem will spark your imagination and fill your heart with awe and joy, as it did mine while I was writing it. 

In the beginning
God created
Stretched out his hand
And spoke…

…Words of light
Piercing the once-eternal darkness
Gold now streaking
though the dark mahogany

…Words of waters
Moving over waters
Shaking the heavens
Blue now washing
Above and around and under

…Words of land
Piecing together
A brand new earth
Rich, dusky brown
And deep, dark blue moving
Into perfect place
…Words of growth
Filling the land
The velvet turf
And rainbow of flowers sprouting
In a vibrant tangle of colour

…Words of space
Now-eternal lights of heaven
Put in place and set to dancing
To a celestial song of joy

…Words of soaring
Calling forth the sea and sky
To give birth to creatures leaping
in the boundless deeps of blue

…Words of movement
Awaking creatures of the land
Sending them skipping
In the newborn paradise

…Words of life
The breath of God
Now inhaled by forms of dust
Created in the imago dei

In the beginning
God looked down
With eyes of eternal love
And pronounced it
“Very Good.”

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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