Poem – Redemption’s Story

Greetings and salutations! I have just finished a very long day in which I went to two parties and danced a lot, ate a lot of sugar, blew up a lot of balloons and had an extreme amount of fun. And now I am shattered. 😀  So because my brain is very, very tired, I’m just going abandon all thoughts of an extended intro and jump straight into the content of this blog post! 

I’m super excited to share a poem with you that I wrote a week or so ago… It’s based on the story of a rather famous character from Biblical history – I wonder if you can figure it out as you read? If not I’ll give another clue at the end of this post… 😉 I hope you enjoy the poem!!



Sand and sorrow mix bitterly

In my dry mouth

Hands bound tightly

Blistered feet trudge ever onwards

Betrayal pounding in my exhausted chest

Struggling to breathe

How could they do this?

God how can you use this?



Perfume hangs thick in the silence

As soft hands cling

Words sliding seductively through

Parted scarlet lips

Fear of desire and knowledge of

Right and wrong pulsing through my body

Why do you tempt me like this?

God help me to resist…



Darkness stifling any hope

Alone and yet surrounded

By others quickly wilting under

The fear of death

Betrayed once again

I am to suffer for a wrong I have not done

Where are you in this darkness?

God how will you use this?


Will be my liberation

Rulers asking, begging, bowing

Their fear giving me hope

 In answer to this heavenly warning

Of hunger and want to come

I am to deliver divine wisdom

Am I really to be saved by dreams?

God is this how you’re going to use me?



A garment newly placed upon me

A nation of people resting in my hands

The power of life and death

Now in a single word from my mouth

From rags to riches

Storehouses of gold now under my command

Am I here for such a time as this?

God why have you given me a power such as this?


My heart beating wildly

As men who made themselves

My enemies now stand before me

Under my total power

Revenge and forgiveness

Wage bitter war within

Did you bring me here for this?

God how do I respond to this?


From darkness to the light

The freedom of forgiveness

Giving wings to our hearts

At last reunited in love

What was meant for evil

Has been turned into the utmost good

You truly have sent me here for this…

God I can see your redemption in this.


Did you figure out what Biblical character’s story this poem is based on? Here’s another clue: his story is found in Genesis 37, 39-50. 😉

Let’s chat in the comments below! How did you enjoy this poem? Who are some of your favourite Biblical characters?

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

5 thoughts on “Poem – Redemption’s Story”

  1. Good poem, Hannah! Yes, it was Joseph. (I didn’t look up the reference). 😊 How was the Light Party today? Did you have a good turnout?
    Grandpa and I went to the Senior Luncheon at church today. It was a fun time. Hope all is well at home!
    Love, Grandma


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