Poem – Summer Serenity

I know, I know… it’s December 1st and Christmas is fast approaching and summer is a season long gone… But one can dream, right? 😀 Now don’t get me wrong – I love December. I love the anticipation and the lights and beauty and song that fills this month to the brim with happy memories. I’ve spent a happy day today decorating our house for Christmas, and even as I’m writing this blog post I’m enjoying sitting beside our Christmas tree with Christmas music running through my head! So don’t think I detest this season, because I actually love it a lot!

However, if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’ll probably know that summer is the season that holds sway in my heart. I love it above any other season and this love translates into my writing – which means I’m sharing a poem on summer with you today! 😀 Perhaps it can give you a little slice of nostalgia for those golden, sun-warmed days in the midst of this dark and dreary season. 😉 Also, it’s based on another Monet painting, and I can’t help it that he painted a lot of summer-y paintings! 😀 One thing I love about Monet is how easy it is to imagine yourself inside his paintings – something about the style just makes it so simple to turn on your imagination and step into the scene! I had fun doing that with this poem I’m about to share.  Feel free to check out my other Monet inspired poems here, here and here


monet la grenouillere

Skirts spread wide like the waters around

Eyes mirroring the flawless skies above

Figures bend and sway like willows

The murmur of voices echoing the rush of river


Top hats nod hello to the sun above

Hands fan a whisper of warm breeze

Faces crease in mirth and smiles

The whisper of rushes mingling with willow


Heels click cheerily on solid ground

Circles of splashes surround wet bodies

Sun gleams among the green of rustling leaves

Rainbows rushing to join in the watery mist


Boats bob gently at home near shadowy shore

Laughter rings like a bell over the blue

Wrinkles of worry melt into welcome peace

The rushing relaxing into the serenity of summer


Okey-doke, that’s it for today! After that little nostalgic slice of summer, let’s get back to anticipating Christmas and all the joy that this holiday brings! 😀

Let’s chat in the comments! Summer or Winter? What do you think of Monet’s work?

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

2 thoughts on “Poem – Summer Serenity”

  1. Well done, Hannah. I’m sure Monet would have loved to have read your poem and would know exactly which painting it described. You really brought this painting to life, and your thoughts emphasized “relaxing into the serenity of summer”. Wish I was there!


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