Poem – Crown of David

Hello to all my readers! Ahhh, it’s 10 days until Christmas, and life is good… Busy, but good. 😀 I will admit I’m slightly drowning in everything I need to accomplish in this next week, but hey! I’m living for 1 week from now when all school should will be finished up and it’ll be time to celebrate! 

Today I’m sharing a poem with you all. However, it’s not my normal style… I was experimenting with different styles of writing poetry, and this… thing… just flowed from my pen onto my word document, and I ended up quite liking the final result! I know it’s a bit more wordy/dense than normal, but I hope you all still enjoy it! Also, I picked it to share because it’s about the Biblical character of David, and seeing as he was one of Jesus’ most important ancestors, and we’re celebrating Jesus’ birth around this time of year… well I’m making the tenuous link of saying this poem is season-appropriate. Very tenuous I know… 😀 Anyways, I hope you enjoy! 


My face turned towards the heavens as the fragrance of oil slipped down my face like

A kiss from the creator who has anointed me a second king and

Usurper to the throne of Israel. My eyes gazed up at the heavens blotted out as I

Faced the giant who blocked out the sun with his head heavy with sweat and

Blood now rolling in the dust – an emblem of what Yahweh can do if

You put your faith in his power. I screamed a prayer at the sky as I ran through

Mountains and deserts and valleys away and away and away from my

Pursuers who want me dead because God has chosen me – why have you chosen

Me? Is this what you have destined me for? I am like a lion skulking in dark caves with

Power on my shoulders and a knife in my hand ready to pounce yet holding

Back because my time is not yet come. And now the time has come for the crown to

Be placed on my head and the ark to come home to the sound of dancing and

Singing in the streets with the cloudless sky arching above– this is what Yahweh can do if

 you trust in his great name. The stars fill my eyes with their glory as I stand on the roof and

gaze at my city and take what my heart and mind and body desires – she is only a woman but

I am king and she will be mine claimed by my seed and hands of blood. And so

I fall, we fall together with our child into the black night of despair and only two of us emerge with

Eyes blinded with tears and hearts empty of what we desired because Yahweh has seen fit to

Punish us because of our sin. Create in me a pure heart, O God of my ancestors for

I am unworthy to be yours – see how far I have fallen. And yet the glories of this kingdom will not

Be shaken because Yahweh blesses those who humble themselves and I have bowed before him in

Reverence and he has seen and blessed and given me more than I asked for. I lift my eyes to the

Heavens – who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls them each

By name. My son, my son, O Absalom my son – do not kill him for he is my son I say but

Anger and bloodlust are strong and I see a runner coming, coming, coming – with what news? O my

Son, my son I wish I were dead and again bitter tears overflow and run down my face like

A kiss from my creator healing my soul and I will cling to him for he is my refuge. I cannot see the

Heavens without longing for home and rest from all this weary battle and strife – two score years

This crown has sat upon my brow and Israel has been my people and where can I go to flee

Yahweh’s presence? I was crowned with oil, birthed in blood, bathed with tears and I am weary

Weary and wanting to go home. I will leave my beloved son to rule with the wisdom that

Yahweh will give, leave him with a charge to have courage and keep the charge of our God and then

And then – I will gaze up to the heavens and build an altar to my God and pray that he will show

Mercy to my people and grant forgiveness to this weak man for the sake of his covenant towards

Israel and the heart that beats ever more feeble within this human breast. I am a king, I am a man,

And I will praise the name of Yahweh forever. Selah.


That’s it for today! Are you excited for Christmas?? What do you think of this new style of poetry?? Let’s chat in the comments below! 🙂

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

5 thoughts on “Poem – Crown of David”

  1. I love your pathos here, Hannah. I can really feel David’s heart in these words. I’m not a fan of poetry, so I’m impressed with what you have done. Keep up the good work, and a blessed Christmas to the Meads!


  2. Yes, Hannah. You really communicated David’s heart and life in this amazing poem. Unusual style, but it flowed so well. I just wanted to keep reading it. I think you should submit this to some Christian magazine for more to enjoy. How well it depicts the life of David and his communion with his God.


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