Poem – The Madness of Memory

Hello my friends! It’s Saturday, albeit rather late on my side of the continent… 😀 I’ve had a very busy couple of days jaunting about London with a dear friend of mine who is over for a month. In the past three days we managed to cover most of London (at least it sure felt like it! :D) and walk like 50,000+ steps in the doing so. But it was hugely enjoyable and sunny, and despite the fact that Big Ben is completely covered in scaffolding (cue the sobs), the history of the place was quite intoxicating. I don’t think I would like to live in a big city like that, but I do quite like visiting it! And I do think I need to go back in the not too distant future, because there is so much left to explore! Seriously, it’s insane the amount of things to do in that city… My friend and I did a large sweep of all the famous places, but my oh my, there is just so much more…! 

Anyways, today I’m going to be sharing with you a poem I wrote after reading the book Frankenstein. It’s a very thought provoking book… although rather disturbing. In case you haven’t read it, the brief summary is this: Man decides to make a creature from dead body parts. But man is horrified by the creature once he gives it life and abandons it. Over the course of time said creature becomes less and less of a creature and more and more of a monster as he is continually rejected by all humankind. Eventually man and monster meet, man fully and finally rejects monster, and then monster decides to emotionally torture man by killing everyone he loves until the man finally dies. Cheerful, right? Although it is very creepy in parts, it is very, very thought-provoking, and I found myself rather fascinated by the moral conundrum the story creates. Anyways, I ended up writing a poem based on the climax of the book and I’m going to share it with you today. If you haven’t yet read Frankenstein and wish to abstain from any spoilers, do not continue reading. The poem is a rather large spoiler. 😀 I hope you’ll enjoy it, and perhaps if you haven’t yet read this book, maybe you’ll be inspired to go pick it up and give it a read through. It’s a very accessible, readable book, and it is great for inspiring deep thought on moral issues! 


Memory brings with it madness
Far too often now
Darkness drowning out the light
In the terror of the night

I remember
The sky was blue
And the water bluer
As we rowed across the water
Mountains looming like sentinels
Blocking out the sun
As we sat close to one another
Fear lapping at our heels

I remember
Holding her hand
As the light faded
Smiling at the close of day
And we walked together in silence
Each wrapped in the spiderweb of
Thought and hearts beating together
As the shadows deepened

I remember
Walking in the dim
Pistols drawn
Waiting for whoever
Whatever to come
Waiting to see the shadow loom dark
Waiting to hear the voice utter death
Waiting to finally grapple with my creation
My monster
My doom

I remember
Thick darkness
And then a scream
That pierced my heart through
With a sudden knowledge
That all was for naught
Oh the noise
It echoed in the darkness
Shrill and long and loud
And I trembled with fear

I remember
The frenzied rush
The hot fear that bubbled in my chest
The door opening
And her still form lying there
The warmth draining from her body
As the shadows grew in strength
The night grew cold
And I knew all was lost

I remember
The faint, mocking laughter
Of a creature once again the victor
And then I remember
No more

And now memory again brings madness
The darkness has fallen once again
And I have lost my final fight
Against the terrors of the night


That’s it for today! I’ll see y’all next week! 😉

Have you read Frankenstein before? What do you think of it? And have you been to London – if so, what’s your favourite thing to do there? Let’s chat in the comments! 🙂 

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

2 thoughts on “Poem – The Madness of Memory”

  1. Wow. . .that’s the best summary of Frankenstein I’ve ever heard. Well done! And the poem you’ve created (brought to life☺️) is as chilling as the story itself.
    As far as London sights, hands down, the V&A Museum is my favorite for its decorative and historical exhibits. Sounds like you had a fabulous time in the city with your friend!

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  2. Walked round with my aunt on the hottest day of the year…. (London not Frankenstein) It was fairly hot though we have a lovely time in the Duke of Wellington’s house, saw the Queen (as you do), and wizzed round part of the V and A. (Love that place)
    The book, Frankenstein? Nope, haven’t read it yet though might in a few years if I get to British Novels…:/ I did listen to a short thing about Mary Shelley and was fascinated by the things she was exposed to as a child which, in turn, were the bases for Frankenstein.


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