Poem – Burning

Hello! Another week has come to a close, and I don’t know about you but I’m rather exhausted… It’s been a pretty busy week for me (day trips and shopping trips and other social activities galore!) and now I’m rather looking forward to my bed soon. 😀 But first I have a poem to share with you all!

This poem is one that I wrote a little while back after studying the Biblical character of Samson. This man certainly is a very conflicting character, and his story is a very… how shall I put it… interesting… However, I did find learning more about him and the time period he worked in quite fascinating – very imagination inducing! If you fancy reading more about him (to aquaint/reaquaint yourself with his story) you can do so in the book of Judges, chapters 13-16. And now for the poem…


Burning zeal

Anointed of the Lord

He will stand

And he will save Israel

From their oppressors

None shall stay his hand


Burning strength

He will not be halted

In his search for


With arms of crushing iron

And a head full of fire


Burning anger

Flames forth from within

Destroying the pride

Of the people with

Ravaging fire and

Heartless, smashing jawbones


Burning passion

Breaks over him like

A crashing wave –

The curve of scarlet lips

And smoky depths of eye

Calling, beckoning him

To fall


Burning desire

For silence and supplication

Leading him into a snare

Of sultry words and wheedling eyes

And strength cut off

With a slip of lips

And a razor


Burning spirit

Warms his soul

Eyes wander in darkness

Hands grasping stony pillars

As he cries out for


And justice for his people



Strength and weakness

Bound up in folly

Impulse burning a mark

On his soul and

His people


A life of power and passion













Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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