Poem – Numbered Days

Hey there! Another week has passed, and somehow it’s yet again Saturday! I swear the weeks go by faster and faster… I’m struggling to believe that I’ve nearly been blogging for 2 years already! Well, kinda nearly… 😀 This little blog is nearly 22 months old, and currently has 180 wonderful people following it! I don’t say this enough, but thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my posts! Having you behind me on my writing journey is such a huge encouragement, and I appreciate you all so much!

Today I’m sharing another Biblically inspired poem with you all… I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been on a rather big Biblical poetry kick recently. I guess there are so many unique, beautiful and inspiring stories found in there that it’s hard not to get excited about them and write! Today’s poem is based on a slightly more obscure occurrence in the Bible… I was going to make you guess, but I decided to be nice and just tell you. 😀 Check out Daniel chapter 5 to read the real version. 😉 I hope you enjoy! 


Your days are numbered…
But live as if there is no tomorrow
With gold and silver dripping from your fingers as you
Laugh with pleasure, looking at what you yourself
Have brought into glory – this kingdom of power
And beauty found in every crack and crevice
Slipping into your dreams as you see visions of greatness
Ignore the creeping darkness and light torches to
Guard against the night as you feast at your pleasure
At your leisure call forth the bounty, blind to the reality
Your kingdom is brought to an end…

You have been weighed….
The power of your arm against the power of the world
Crushing with an iron fist the nations surrounding you
The gold piling up as people fade under your might
The boundaries ever stretching wider and still your mouth opens
To swallow the fruit of your so-called labour as you stretch out
On silken couches with women waiting for your call
And a thousand slaves holding their breath as they listen for your command
Curls and perfume, gold and lust, and now a feast to display your
Strength for all the world to see in a lavish, lascivious spectacle of beauty
And all the while the creed hangs shadowy above you –
You have been found wanting…

Your kingdom is divided…
As you sit in luxury with a thousand of your lords surrounding you
A thousand thousand men surround your unheeding city
Cloaked in darkness with swords glinting like gold in the silver moonlight
Waiting and watching as you feast in the flicker of torchlight
All you could ever want is spread out beneath your feet
In a silken display of pomp and fake allegiance and deceit
After all your kingdom is built on the deaths of thousands –
Tonight your kingdom will crumble over the death of one
The golden one will melt beneath the mighty flame of one greater
And you will slip into darkness as another flames into light
Your kingdom has been given to another…

A hand inscribes upon the wall the message
That will topple your man-made kingdom
Melt your gold and silver
Crush your iron fist
Spatter your silks with blood
And blow out your sputtering flame
So continue feasting in blind arrogance as your thousands bow
And the wine flows lavishly into stolen gold and silver
Continue to ignore the voice of the Great One as you
Let the wail of flutes and the roar of subjects fill you with heady joy
Continue to desecrate and degrade the One who put you on this throne
The One who holds your breath in his hand
There is no tomorrow for you because
God has numbered your days…
He has brought your kingdom to an end…
You have been weighed…
And you have been found wanting…
Your kingdom has been divided…
And has been given to another….


So there you are… Hope you enjoyed that! 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts on this poem in the comments! Also, this poem’s title is rather tentative, so if you have any other better ideas, I’m all ears! 😉 

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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