NaPoWriMo Update #2 & Poem – My Generation

Hey guys! Another week has passed, and that means anther week of NaPoWriMo 2019 is under my belt. 12 days down, 18 to go – that means I’m past the 1/3 mark! It’s exciting and actually very encouraging. I was kind of sceptical going into this whole thing because I wasn’t sure if I could actually make myself write every day. But it’s surprising what a little motivation/’arm twisting myself because yes you need to write because you signed up for this and you can’t give up now!’ can do. 😀 That said, I think I have missed 2 days out of the last 12 where I haven’t had the time to write. However I have quickly remedied that by writing 2 the next day so that I’m back on track. Actually I haven’t yet written a poem for today, but I’ve been rather busy celebrating a family birthday, and I’m planning on writing tonight. So that’s that. 😀

I know I said last week that I was hoping to write more than 1 poem a day to try and get ahead for the crazy weeks ahead… Well that didn’t exactly happen… Turns out that trying to finish school work before a break kind of takes a lot of brain power and time too. 😀 We’ll see what happens this weekend, but as long as I stay on track (emphasizing that for myself to remind myself to not get behind lol) I’m quite happy with trucking along at the pace of 1 per day. After all that’s the goal.. 😉

Anywho, this week I’m going to be sharing a poem with you that is #9 in the order I’ve been writing… I will pre-empt it by saying that yes, it is rather pessimistic… I see a lot of amazing things happening in my generation (which, according to google is ‘Generation Z’ – people that were born after 1997 or so). I think my generation has a huge potential for good, and I really do think that with a little redirection and motivation we could do some world-shaking things. But unfortunately there is also a dark side to my generation… And that is the side I decided to explore in this poem. Let me share it and you’ll see what I mean… 😉


My generation is slowly fading,

As their eyes are fixed on multi-coloured pixels

That devour their time and

Ravage their hearts.


My generation is unborn –

Millions of souls have yet to

Take their first breath, as their heartbeats are

Snatched away too soon.


My generation is crumbling away,

Worn and weary by the world

That seems too wild for their weak

And wilful hearts.


My generation is fearful –

Futilely cowering against their flimsy shields

Of fair-weather friends and fair faced masks

That are already shattering.


My generation is unaware,

Blindly following the crowd – heads down

Moving to the beat of culture that

Deafens them to reality.


My generation is unprepared –

Too young and too weak – and yet

Too old and too strong to

Face the world head on.


My generation is longing

For something more than what is found

Within their digitalized, romanticized

Personal, one-man worlds.


This is my generation…

These are the people who are meant to change the world…

Fading, crumbling, unaware and unprepared

This is my generation…



So yeah… What do you think? I wrote it as a reflection on the generation defects I see in this day and age – from an aching heart that wishes it wasn’t so. I wrote it to perhaps be a wakeup call for people to realize what is going on and to turn towards better and brighter things. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – let’s chat in the comments. Do you have the same concerns about the newer generations? 

And that’s it for this week! See you next week for week 3 of NaPoWriMo! 🙂




Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Update #2 & Poem – My Generation”

  1. Oh, my goodness, Hannah! You’ve expressed your generation to a ‘T’. I, too, have many concerns, but I believe God is preparing young people like yourself to turn your generation around to embrace the truth. You are a gifted writer – keep on using your talents for His glory!

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  2. Hannah, I know you have a very busy schedule. You’re amazing in how much you get done, how well you do it, and your cheerful attitude in it all. Your poems are awesome. This one was very sad but also very real. I fully agree that your generation could shake the world in very positive ways. The solution is for them to align their hearts with Christ. I pray you’ll be part of that solution.

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