June Mood

Already a week has flown by and I’m in denial – how does time move so quickly?? It seems it was just yesterday that I was deep in ‘Mark Drama’ mode (which was absolutely amazing btw and I’m very sad it’s over and done with) and now it’s been a week since it all. Sheesh…  Can time slow down already?

Anyhow… time never listens to me and so I’m back here again with another blog post. xD I’m now deep into ‘you’ve got one week before you graduate so stress out like crazy’ mode, which isn’t exactly fun. But who wants to hear about my stress? Not me hehe. So today I just wrote up a bunch of things that I’ve loved over this past week… It’s not exactly a poem – more of a sort of poetic sounding list of June aesthetics. πŸ˜€ Focusing on the good instead of the bad is a good practice when you’re stressed out. So here’s my intentionally positive poetic list ‘thing’ about why I love June. Enjoy. πŸ˜€


Waking up with sun slanting through the blinds.

Belting out songs, not caring who hears.

Sweaty bear hugs from curly headed little girls.

The lone hum of a fly buzzing over a sinkful of dishes.

Praying with people united in heart and seeing God move in answer.

Vases full of dying roses perched on windowsills.

Sun warmed air sitting softly on the grass.

Raspberries and ice cream, because why not?

Open doors, open windows – letting in the breeze.

Reading on the shade and sun-streaked trampoline.

Wheat waving and whispering in golden, growing fields.

Fingerfuls of cookie dough snuck from a full mixing bowl

Being reminded of the strength and compassion of Jesus afresh.

That dusky blue of a fading summer evening.

Laughter and screams as water balloons ricochet between friends.

Writing poetry in the orange glow of a 1 am street light.

Nostalgia for summers past and summers yet to be…


In the end, life is good because God is good and he gives such good gifts to his children. This life that we live is a privilege, so let’s count our blessings!

What ‘June things’ have you been loving recently? Has summer officially started for you yet, or are you still in the depths of school like I am?

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

4 thoughts on “June Mood”

    1. Yes, I find myself far too often inside when I could be outside basking in the sun! It’s a good thing most writing implements are portable and easily brought outside. πŸ˜‰


  1. Enjoyed your list in June Mood of things you enjoy, Hannah. I could relate to most of them except: writing poetry in the orange glow of a 1 am street light and reading on the trampoline! June is probably my favorite month: sitting and eating outside with friends, being outside without jackets, and green leaves, grass, and flowers wherever you look. God is an amazing Creator!


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