What I’m Reading – August 2019

Hello everyone! I’m back after a crazy 50 hour work week (yes, 50 hours) and a day of seeing people (73 today to be exact xD). I’m exhausted but life is good… I leave for university in the States in just over a week, and now that my work is behind me, I need to start packing. And saying goodbye. And other fun things like that. 😀 Today I had an open house and was bowled over by the amount of people that came to spend some time with me before I left. 73?! Crazy. But I’m so incredibly grateful for all those friendships… It’s definitely not going to be easy to say goodbye. Humans aren’t made to say goodbye after all. Thank goodness for exciting future plans and the ability to come back home though!

Anyways, today I want to share with you a couple of books that I’m currently reading (or wanting to finish/start soon). It’s definitely hard trying to find free moments in amongst that chaos to do some reading. But a bookworm is never truly foiled by life, right? For example, this past week I was doing 10 hour work days, but on my 30 minute lunch break I would read! You’ve gotta get that time in somehow! So here are some books that I’m currently reading…



Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading – Lucy Mangan

Ok so this is the book that I’ve been devouring on my lunch breaks over the past week. I’m generally a nosy/curious person, so I’ve really enjoyed reading this book which is basically a window into a fellow booklover’s life and memories. 😀 Though I don’t agree with every bookish opinion that the author holds, on the whole this has been a delightful way of reminding myself of why I love reading. It also has given me a long list of books I want to reread/buy, which is both a good thing for my bookworm heart and a bad thing for my ‘broke college student’ bank account. 😀


screwtape letters

The Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis

This is the current (and final :() book that my Mum and I are reading for our reading streak together. We’re currently on day 373 of reading together every day, and I will freely admit that my heart breaks a tiny bit when I remember that this streak will be concluded by the end of this month when I start university. But what a book to finish on! Lewis is seriously on fire in this book. He is witty, clear and very pointed, and I’m finding something to ponder in basically every chapter we read. This is definitely an impactful book and I’m looking forward to reading more of it!



The Hole in Our Gospel – Richard Stearns

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I got about halfway through this book way back in May and then just quit. The reason being that I started it on holiday, but once I got back home school ramped up hugely and I put it down and never picked it up again. Not good! I’m determined to finish this book before I leave for uni. One of the reasons being that I don’t want to have to carry it across the ocean with me (#limitedluggagespace). But the more important reason is that it is an incredibly impactful book with an important message and I really want to finish it! So here is my public declaration that I’m going to. Hold me to it, peeps. 😉



The Good God – Michael Reeves

I was inspired to pick this book up for two reasons: chatting about it (along with other important theological books) with a friend + the fact that my church is going through it in our small groups this summer. And man alive is this book amazing. It’s so easy to forget the huge impact that the Trinity has on the Christian faith, and this book is a wake up call to that fact. It’s been so good to be reminded of the foundations of my faith and just the impact that Trinity has on how Christianity works. It’s astounding if you dig into it! I’m really looking forward to reading more of this book, and this is one book I’ll definitely be bringing with me to uni! 


Welp, that’s my list… And can we just take a minute to appreciate a very important fact….. 

3/4  of these books are non-fiction! 

Yes, I, the pro fiction devourer, am currently reading only one fiction book. Who kidnapped story-loving Hannah and replaced her with a non-fiction reading clone? 😀 But hey, I’m not complaining. It’s good to be actively working towards my goal of reading more non-fiction books this year. And I love reading such a wide variety of non-fiction! I think it’s good for me, and I’m grateful for the ability to widen my reading scope. 

Okey-doke, I’m off to read for a bit before I crash into my bed – gotta find time to read when you can, after all. 😉 I’ll be back here next week! 




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