Poem – At A Threshold

Hey there! It’s a cool, gloomy Saturday afternoon where I am, and I’m taking a break from all my homework to get this blog post up. It’s been a long, full week of school and it feels good to finally have hit the weekend. 😀 My plans for today include homework, a work shift (yay for Campus dining jobs! xD), sleeping and just chilling. What are your weekend plans?

Today I’m going to be sharing a poem that I wrote this past week. The girls in my dorm hall have a weekly Bible study, and this past week the theme was on thresholds. We were meant to be journaling  about this topic, but as I was sitting there I was struck with this poem idea, and so I frantically scribbled it out before the study moved on. It’s not exactly journaling, but it’s close enough in my book. 😀 So here you are – a poem on the topic of thresholds. Enjoy!


Standing at a threshold

Breath held


Take off your shoes

You pilgrim of life

For you are standing on

Holy ground.


This is a sacred space –

This moment between moments

And here you are



To cross this threshold.


The silent sacred chorus

Of anticipation is mingled

With the bittersweet of fear and longing

That echoes in the space

Between what has been

And what is to come.


Why do you falter –

You who have come this far?

Why do your knees tremble

With the beautiful anguish

Of your soul search?


Look at all that has passed –

The shifting curves that outline

Your journey thus far.

Look at what is to come –

The misty frontier beckoning you

Into the journey yet to come.


The mystery so terrible

And compelling is calling

You to cross this threshold,

Staff in hand,

Heart beating fast,

As you take one step and

Then another.


But before you do,


Pause within this sacred space,

In this moment between moments.

Remember who you are,

You pilgrim on this journey

Called life,

And remember where you are going.



When you are ready

(Though in truth we are never ready)

Take a step

And cross this threshold.


There you go! I’ll see y’all back here next week. 🙂

Do you identify with the theme/message of this poem? I’d love to hear any and all thoughts from you! 😉 

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

4 thoughts on “Poem – At A Threshold”

  1. This poem on thresholds is really good, Hannah. Every morning can be a threshold, though I think you are referring to big changes, like going to college!! Various emotions are present, but to say you “are standing on holy ground” is our posture as you look up and realize God brought you to this moment.

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