Poem – Icarus: A Moment

Hey there! Yet another Saturday is upon us and I have another poem to share with you… Yes, I know I’ve been sharing a lot of poetry recently. Alas that has been all I have time to write recently, due to… well, life. College life specifically. 😀 Which is very good but also very busy and time/mind consuming. Thankfully there are such things as poetry clubs which foster creativity and rest when life is crazy. Today’s poem is a product of such a club. We were given 6 words to use, and we had to write a poem using all 6. The words were: fearless, remember, primary tomorrow, kiss, current. This is the product: 


Tomorrow – maybe I’ll remember just

how your kiss gave me wings –

like an eagle soaring on a current of

blue summer air, I was

wide-eyed and fearless,

a scream of exultation trembling on my lips.


But today – my primary recollection is

the aftertaste of terror burning in my mouth

as I try to forget the

feeling of falling

headlong like an arrow towards the ground,

fearlessness forgotten – for, I am but

a boy with wax wings.


Well that’s that! I hope you enjoyed getting that little glimpse into my brain – it was actually kind of fun writing with the constraint of those specific 6 words. 😀 

I’d love ot hear your thoughts in the comments! 


Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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