See You Next Year…

Hey there! I’m writing this from the lovely, albeit wet and soggy, country of England. Yes, that’s right, I’m home safe and sound! It’s such a joy to be back home with the family, and I’ve been soaking it all up this past week.

In the spirit of resting and taking a break, I’ve decided that I’ll be taking a break from posting here on my blog for the rest of the year (all 10 days of it. :D). I’ll be back in the new year (and new decade!) with fresh content to share with you all. It’s hard to believe that this blog is already 2.5 years old – where does the time go?! I’m excited to continue on this blogging journey with you all as we move into the future together. 🙂

May the rest of your 2019 be filled with joy, laughter, rest and peace. Merry Christmas!

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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