Poem – A Life in ‘The Republic of Poetry’

I’m super excited about the poem I’m going to be sharing with you today! It was written for a project in an English class that I’m taking this semester. I love that I get to do things for school that I also love to just do for fun! I think that’s a sign that I’m pursuing the right major…. 😀 


Behind the Poem

“I wrote this poem in response to Martin Espada’s poem The Republic of Poetry. His poem really captured my heart and imagination when we read it in class. I loved the vivid imagery that he used to paint the picture of this beautiful, idealistic world. The underlying idea of poetry as something that transforms and beautifies is a powerful one, and I wanted to respond to it in my own poem.

As I was thinking about Espada’s poem, the idea of the life cycle came to me. The beauty and joy of poetry transforms every person who lives in this republic, regardless of gender, age, or stage of life. I decided to write my poem specifically about the life cycle of a person who lives in this republic – symbolic in a way of every single person who lives there.

In addition to that, I wanted to emulate Espada’s style of writing, using bright imagery and simple language vividly describe this fictional ‘republic of poetry’. While each stanza focuses on a different stage of a person’s life, every stanza has poetry as the unifying factor. By mentioning the different style of poetry (ex: sonnets, nursery rhymes, aubades, etc.), I was trying to show the diverse yet unified life that every person shares in the republic of poetry. This is representative of the larger effect that poetry has in the real world; though every person is diverse, poetry has a unique way of transforming and unifying people in a beautiful way.”


In the republic of poetry,

mothers whisper sonnets

to soothe their screaming babies,

who, at the sound of the rhyme and rhythm,

stifle their sobs and listen

in wide, brown-eyed wonder


In the republic of poetry,

cupid-bowed toddler lips that

once lisped nursery rhymes,

now proclaim speeches

that quiver with the joy

of justice and redemption,

and tears roll down the cheeks

of all who listen.


In the republic of poetry,

lovers part reluctantly at dawn,

murmuring an aubade with hopeful hearts

knowing that with the sunset will come reunion

and serenades under an Autumn moon.


In the republic of poetry,

the grey shadow of death is

brightened with the light of a thousand elegies

that shimmer silver, engraved in

the aged headstones resting

in dusky gardens of remembrance.


What are your thoughts on this response poem? I’d love to hear them in the comments!






Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

3 thoughts on “Poem – A Life in ‘The Republic of Poetry’”

  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL poem Hannah! 🙂 You really share your thoughts with feeling! THANK YOU! Keep up the great work! With love in Christ, Bronwyn

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  2. Although I’ve never read The Republic of Poetry, this poem is intriguingly beautiful. Brava, Hannah!! Now I’ll need to read it. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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