Poem – Tonight

Today marks the first full day in nearly two weeks that we’ve had blue and sunny skies. After so many days of dark and smoke, you have no idea how happy my heart is at the prospect of opening windows, breathing fresh air, and feeling the sun on my face again. If nothing else, this year is certainly teaching me how to appreciate the small things in life! 😀

Today’s poem is in celebration of the return of clear days and glorious sunsets. I actually wrote this poem a few weeks back, but it feels especially appropriate now as summer is on its way out… It’s a sad prospect for this summer lover, so I’m intending to enjoy these last summer days to their fullest extent. I hope you enjoy!

first sunset after a 10 days of smoke


The wind is easy tonight –

the trees bend before it with hardly a murmur,

nodding their agreement with the sweep of quiet sky.

The sky is dark tonight –

but oh, what a soft and lovely darkness it is

that stoops to wrap the earth in its open arms.

The earth is quiet tonight –

the long, wind-swept miles are dreaming,

holding dusky promises in their outstretched hands. 


That’s all for this week… I’ll see you back here next Saturday. 🙂

Does it feel like summer is on its way out for you too? Are you one to cling to summer, or are you ready for Autumn to arrive? Let’s chat in the comments!

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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