Poem – My Heart is Warmed

October has arrived, bringing with it Autumn in all its smoke and scarlet glory. Or at least the promise of it… Where I am we still have a couple days of sunshine forecasted before the true rain and falling leaves of Autumn arrive. But still…. 😀

This season always makes me think of gratefulness. Perhaps it’s because Thanksgiving falls during this season, or perhaps because we’re nearing the end of a year. Whatever it is, gratitude is often on my heart and mind. Which is providential, because one of my prompts this past week in my poetry class was to write a gratitude poem! And so I did. 😀


By summer grass matcha in a paisley mug and sun specks

waltzing together across a quiet room.

By the weight of this dark-haired child sleeping,

warm and heavy in my arms.

By a love-note snuck under my door,

the pile of cookies cooling on a blue china plate,

and the cheerful smile of pumpkins sprawled across September fields.


My heart is warmed by the muted rainbow of books

cascading across shelves and onto the floor

in a pile of words and dust.

By the baby’s breath that hangs, like a lacy shadow,

above the mirror on the wall.

By the rocking chair that rocks itself to sleep

beneath my mother’s orange pinwheel quilt,

and succulents parading across a basement windowsill,

reaching their hands towards the light.


I’d love to hear about some things you are grateful for in this season of life! Tell me all about it in the comments. 🙂

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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