Poem – Grey Area

Hey there! It’s a damp, grey afternoon in my little corner of the PNW, though that’s nothing new, considering that it’s January. I’m sitting in my room enjoying the combination of the fresh, rain-swept breeze blowing in through my open window and the warm air blasting out of my heating unit – it’s a good time 😀

Today I’m sharing a poem with you that feels rather applicable – at least it feels that way to me. Something about the combination of grey skies and a shaky, ever-shouting world seems very hard to bear some days. This poem is a response to many of those emotions that have been swirling in my heart recently. I hope it speaks to you. 🙂


“The world is too much with us.”

At least that’s what I tell myself

when afternoon drags itself in grey and muddy

 with bruises and news headlines that promise a new

screaming match, tomorrow morning:

7 o’ clock sharp,

ringing through marble halls and into our kitchens.


And so, I shut off the radio,

barricade my heart with a cup of

Earl Grey and let the grey sky

just simply be, let the ravens wheel

above the battlefields, let the

wind croon in the bare branches

bowing outside my window,

let bergamot remind me that

sometimes grey is beautiful too.


Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for reading! 🙂

I’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or comments. Did this resonate with you the way it resonated for me? Bonus points: which romantic poet did I reference in this poem?

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

One thought on “Poem – Grey Area”

  1. I love the descriptive tea words you used throughout. Clever! Hope you have a bit of sun to cheer you, but I believe the PNW is much like your homeland this time of year.😌

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