Book Lover Tag + Exciting-Ness

Yes, I know exciting-ness isn't a word, and as a future English student I should probably be using better grammar in my blog posts. But I think the word fits my feelings right now, so I'm going to roll with it... 😀 So, what's the reason for this exciting-ness?? Well, there are two reasons actually... … Continue reading Book Lover Tag + Exciting-Ness


Writing Update + Mini Poem & Other Exciting Things!

Hello there! It's the end of a beautifully sunny spring day for me... Ah, spring is here and it's delightful! There are flowers everywhere, the sun is showing its face more and more often, and the whole world seems to be alive and pulsing with new life! It makes me very happy... 😀  Today I … Continue reading Writing Update + Mini Poem & Other Exciting Things!