Poem – Thirst No More

Hey there! I'm back after a week of packing and organizing and camping and laughing until I cried and running through rainstorms and looking at stars and singing constantly and having randomly deep conversations. In other words, I'm very nearly packed up and ready to move to university in the US and I also went … Continue reading Poem – Thirst No More


Mission Trip Memories – Reminiscing on a Week in Ireland

Hey there! I'm going to deviate from my usual habit of sharing my personal writing with you guys this week and instead share a post that recaps my recent week-long mission trip in Ireland. It's a post that is very special to my heart because of the subject matter, and I hope you will enjoy … Continue reading Mission Trip Memories – Reminiscing on a Week in Ireland

Poem – Breathe

Imagination is a powerful thing.... Combined with the power of words, somehow it is possible to write about things that you might have never experienced, or just experienced in part... This poem is a conglomeration of personal experiences of sorrow,  friendship, and emotions, along with a healthy pinch of imagination and a love for story. … Continue reading Poem – Breathe