Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads of 2019

Hello! I'm back this week with some mini-reviews of my top 5 non-fiction reads of 2019. I actually read a lot more non-fiction in 2019, something that I'm really happy about. And I read some really, really impactful books! I'm excited to share some of them with you today. 🙂 ~ This book is incredible. … Continue reading Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads of 2019

Poem – A Plea

Hey there! According to the clock I'm technically late with this blog post. Oops. Buuuut, our clocks change tonight so I'm counting it as only 11 pm instead of 12 am right now. So this blog post is still on time, ok? 😀 Daylight savings time is such a beautiful thing in the Autumn. We … Continue reading Poem – A Plea