Glimpses of Whimsy and Charm – {Jane of Lantern Hill}

One of the brightest spots of consistent joy in my life right now has been reading aloud with my Mum. You may remember that I did a reading streak with her for my last year at home (read more about that here, here and here). Now that I'm back for the summer, we're back at … Continue reading Glimpses of Whimsy and Charm – {Jane of Lantern Hill}

Poem – Strangely Still and Shifting

I wrote this poem back in April, when the Covid-19 lock-down life was still fairly new and everything felt very shaky and uncertain. Now, almost three months later, this poem still feels very relevant - poignant even. How would I have felt then, knowing the world as I know it now? Most days, this world … Continue reading Poem – Strangely Still and Shifting