Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads of 2019

Hello! I'm back this week with some mini-reviews of my top 5 non-fiction reads of 2019. I actually read a lot more non-fiction in 2019, something that I'm really happy about. And I read some really, really impactful books! I'm excited to share some of them with you today. 🙂 ~ This book is incredible. … Continue reading Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads of 2019

Poem – A Screwtape Psalm

Have you ever read The Screwtape Letters? I've had the pleasure of reading though it twice in the past three months, and have really been impacted by the power of its message. One quote particularly stuck out to me as I was reading it. It says: “Our cause is never more in danger than when … Continue reading Poem – A Screwtape Psalm