Poem – Up North

Hello! I’m back after a crazy week on my part… The majority of my family was at a youth camp in Wales for the week. It was jam packed with amazing worship sessions, good Bible studies, lots of belly-aching laughter and fun activities. Oh, and an operation to remove my sister’s appendix in a random Welsh hospital. So that was fun. 😀 

Aaanyways…. This week I’m going to share one of two poems that I wrote that are closely intertwined. You see, I’ve always been fascinated with the American Civil War. It is such a complex time in history, and the different ideas of freedom and bondage that the different sides held are so interesting. I may or may not be slightly obsessed with reading pretty much anything I can get my hands on on the topic of the Civil War. So it’s probably not a surprise that I had a poetry inspiration on this very multi-faceted topic. I have tried to be as accurate as possible while stepping into two pairs of soldier’s shoes – one from up north, one from down south – and telling their stories. I hope you enjoy the first poem – Up North!


I registered today


registered to join

the legions of blue marching

down south

determined to stem the tide

of grey


they are a rebellious and stubborn people

we must quench the spark

before it becomes a wildfire


this country is ripping apart

we must try and mend it

states can’t just leave like that

they have no right


people wonder if it’s all about slavery

it is

it’s about fighting and dying

for the people who are in bondage


in the end

human rights come above everything else

the rebellion must be quenched

and I must play

a small part

in the quenching


my grandfather fought for this nation

fought in the revolution

for freedom for every man

I will follow in his footsteps

I cannot let his fighting

be in vain


so I’ve answered the call

of my country

and Mr Lincoln

and I will fight

to keep my nation whole


to be sure

my leaving will tear

mother apart

I’m her only son


and deep inside

something wonders if


these men down south

are only confused and angry


to be reconciled by a firm hand


but I must go

there’s no looking back

I’m a Union soldier now

and there’s a long road ahead

winding down south