Poem – Meditations on Womanhood

Well, another week has passed… It’s been quite the busy week, culminating with 3 midterms yesterday. Yeah, needless to say, that was interesting… 😀 But they’re over now, I think they went pretty well, and all that stress is behind me! And now I know that it is possible to accomplish that sort of craziness, which is definitely going to be encouraging for my future self. Now the weekend is before me in all its glory… I don’t have to work today because it’s homecoming weekend for my college – a lovely break for me! The sun is pushing through the rain clouds, my American family is arriving soon to see me, and I’m eating fruit snacks – so all is well in the world. 😀

Today’s poem is one that really resonates with me. I am a woman, and I am proud to be one. There is so much complexity regarding gender and equality and the roles of men and women these days… Sometimes it’s hard to see the innate beauty of people beneath it all. I wrote this poem to share my heart thoughts on womanhood and the strength and beauty bound up within it. I hope this strikes a chord with you as well.


There is strength within the softness of my heart,

iron mingles with the tears that tremble on my lashes,

my silence muffles the roar of a thousand oceans

that swell deep within my soul.


I am the determined dawn of a new day,

that breathless moment before a battle cry,

the defiant whisper of hope in the shadows.


I am beauty and pain and wonder wrapped up in a

fiercely beating heart and a softly singing soul –


am a woman.


Let me know if this poem resonates with you – I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!