[hey poet, tell me a story] or, #1 – Too Small

Greetings and salutations to all my lovely readers!:)

First of all, I must apologize for falling off the face of the blog world for a month with no prior notice or explanation. There are a few reasons to why this happened, but the main three are as follows:

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NaPoWriMo 2021 & Poem – Sanctuary

Greetings and salutations!

(I know, I know – a blog post on a Monday? Shocking… Ok, I fully intended to get it up this past weekend, but the presence of three different big school events in the space of 48 hours rather hampered me from that goal. However, here I am now! So, enjoy this novelty of a blog post on a week day… :D)

Today is gloriously sunny, everything is blooming, and I’m fully convinced that summer has arrived in the PNW. You cannot convince me otherwise (until it starts pouring with rain again) and I am very happy. I’m also less than 3 weeks out from finishing my semester, and it’s less than 4 weeks until I go home – both joyous prospects indeed! Aaaand it’s also April which means it’s National Poetry Writing Month!

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Poem – West Country Grave

Hello! I am writing this from the comfort of my own kitchen. And by that, I mean my kitchen in my home in England, not the kitchen I share with 139 other dorm residents. 😀 Yes, that’s right – I’m home! I didn’t say much about my trip home (in fact I said exactly nothing) because it was a surprise to my siblings. But now I am home and the surprise was successfully pulled off, and I get a whole delightful month at home. Which is a wonderful thing in my books. 🙂

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Poem – A Sailor’s Blessing

Greetings! Another week has passed and somehow February is nearing its close. I’m not really sure where the time goes, but one thing is for sure – it’s definitely slipping by fast! It’s been a pretty busy season for me with school and work and just life in general. The sun has been shining far more frequently though, which definitely helps! And with the sun comes the smell of fresh cut grass and cherry trees blooming pinkly and picnics with friends. It’s rather glorious! Somehow life doesn’t seem that stressful when the sun is bright – even with three midterms and multiple papers and projects looming near. 😀 

Today I thought I would share with you a wee little poem I wrote about the sea – or rather a sailor of the sea. It’s just a little ditty, but the sea makes my heart happy, and so this poem makes me rather happy as well. I hope you enjoy!


My child, I wish you a kinder sea

Than the one that has carried me


May the tide that carries you far away

Always bring you home some day


Listen to the wind that sings

Let it bear you on its wings


I pray for you the bluest of skies

That reflect like dreams within your eyes


May the birds that screak and wheel above

Ever lead you on towards love


I wish for laughter and the tang of salt

To be your seasoning without fault


Darling, lift your eyes with hope and see

The world that is stretching out beyond the sea


Does the sea and the arrival of spring warm your heart? What else is bringing you joy these days? I’d love to chat in the comments!


Poem – Earth Music

Nature is rather inspiring, isn’t it? This fact was made clear to me on our recent trip around Europe. We hit up 7 countries in 23 days, and traversed a vast and varied countryside – from rolling fields to endless forests to snowy mountains to salt-breezed beaches. It was stunning, and incredibly inspiring… So here’s a poem that I wrote while in the gorgeous midst of the snowy Austrian alps. I hope you enjoy. 


The earth has music for those who listen –

A swelling symphony of life buried deep inside its bones.


Can you hear the rush of rivers coursing through

Deep veins of rock and earth mixed in cliffs of green and grey?


Can you hear the white whisper of snow falling

In a crystal silent field of dirt and dark and moon-shadow?




Can you hear the roar of an ocean rushing

Towards the waiting of sandshore and salted pebbles?


Can you hear the cry of a eagle wheeling high above

The ancient crags of slumbering mountains?




Can you hear the rattle of warm rain upon

The sun-soaked, thirsty dust of the ground?


Can you hear the call of the wild things summoning

 Life to bloom from the depths of silent darkness?




Can you hear it?

The cry, the call,

The rush, the roar, the rattle,

The whisper of music?


All the world’s a stage – and it’s teeming with performers just

Waiting for someone to listen…


(Note, all the pics are mine. Taken in Austria, Austria, and France respectively. :D)

Does nature inspire you? What is your favourite part of nature? Tell me in the comments below!