Poem – Summer Lessons

Hello! I’ve just finished with my first week working practically full-time with two different jobs – needless to say, I’m pretty shattered. 😀 So today I’m keeping it short and just sharing a wee little poem that I wrote in a park last Sunday. Summer has come and I am loving it. Something about the life and light and mingled silence and noise that this season brings gives me much joy. So enjoy this summery poetic snippet… 🙂

john coles


I am learning to hear the silence speak –

in the wind dance of the trees,

in the dove-cooed lullaby,

in the softness of the summer sky –

I am learning to understand their secrets. 


Happy Summer, my friends! I hope this week brings the joy and peace of sunshine into your life. 🙂

What Summer shenanigans are you getting up to? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Poem – Wonder

Poetry is very unpredictable.

Sometimes it sneaks upon you when you’re thinking of a million things, persistently piercing through a cloud of thoughts until you can’t think of anything else but it.

Other times it is slow to come – despite your open arms, it lingers on the threshold of thought, waiting until you have nearly given up on it ever arriving.

Sometimes it comes quickly, eager and clear and in a moment you have it captured on a page.

Other times it comes from a place you didn’t know existed until that moment, and suddenly you have words on a page that you aren’t sure even you understand, despite you having penned them.

Sometimes it sings, other times it whispers.

Sometimes it refuses to speak at all, and you’re forced to create a poem from its silence. 

Sometimes it’s all of those things combined – the rushing and the waiting, the song and the silence, the eager hesitation of words you didn’t know existed but yet somehow have been found deep inside your soul. 

This is one of those poems:


listen –

can you hear the wonder of the world?

wrapped in a song of sunlight and shadows –

eons of suns and moons harmonize with

the stars that blaze briefly before

surrendering to the weight of time,

their fading mirrored in a silent sky.


look –

can you see the wonder of the world?

wishing for warmth while embracing the

creeping shadows of cold and ice

borne deep in the womb of eternity,

and there – a sea of salted tears

runs swiftly, hand in hand with the stormy sky.


lean close –

can you feel the wonder of this world?

drawing thin and near in the corners of space

the brightness of galaxies reach with tremulous hands

to brush the sleeping earth with starry fingers;

mingling like a kiss with the rush of rivers

and the stillness of many mountains.


be still for a moment –

listen with eager ears,

look with yearning eyes,

lean close to touch with gentle hands…

the wonder of this world is near.


Where do you see the wonder of the world drawing close to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Poem – Earth Music

Nature is rather inspiring, isn’t it? This fact was made clear to me on our recent trip around Europe. We hit up 7 countries in 23 days, and traversed a vast and varied countryside – from rolling fields to endless forests to snowy mountains to salt-breezed beaches. It was stunning, and incredibly inspiring… So here’s a poem that I wrote while in the gorgeous midst of the snowy Austrian alps. I hope you enjoy. 


The earth has music for those who listen –

A swelling symphony of life buried deep inside its bones.


Can you hear the rush of rivers coursing through

Deep veins of rock and earth mixed in cliffs of green and grey?


Can you hear the white whisper of snow falling

In a crystal silent field of dirt and dark and moon-shadow?




Can you hear the roar of an ocean rushing

Towards the waiting of sandshore and salted pebbles?


Can you hear the cry of a eagle wheeling high above

The ancient crags of slumbering mountains?




Can you hear the rattle of warm rain upon

The sun-soaked, thirsty dust of the ground?


Can you hear the call of the wild things summoning

 Life to bloom from the depths of silent darkness?




Can you hear it?

The cry, the call,

The rush, the roar, the rattle,

The whisper of music?


All the world’s a stage – and it’s teeming with performers just

Waiting for someone to listen…


(Note, all the pics are mine. Taken in Austria, Austria, and France respectively. :D)

Does nature inspire you? What is your favourite part of nature? Tell me in the comments below! 


Poem – California Beauty

Hi! I’m back again, after an unintended weeklong break. You see, my family is currently in the midst of a two week road trip through Oregon and California, and life has been kind of crazy to say the least. 😀  So when last Saturday rolled around, I decided, after sitting staring blankly at a screen while listening to my siblings hang out with friends we hadn’t seen in 10 years, that quality time with people was more important than keeping a self-imposed deadline. So yeah… I hope you didn’t miss me too much. 😀 And now I’m back this week, with a poem that I jotted down while rolling down I-5 one blindingly sunny afternoon last week. Seriously, California is so beautiful – so much variety in the landscape and vivid colour and scope for the imagination! Thus, this poem was born – a description of the California view outside my car window… I hope you enjoy!


Blue shimmers among the green

A mirror reflecting

The sky’s face above

Ringed by mountains

Sloping down into

A valley wide

Pulsing with life


Ribbons of cobalt

Snake straight between

Carpets of emerald

And sheets of gold

Silver reeds whisper

Sway in the heat

Bend down to streams

To drink


Brown scrub crackles

Crunches, cracks

Beneath the beating

Of the sun’s hot heart

Trees droop

Trailing graceful fingers

In the blue that

Shimmers among the green


 Have you ever been to California before? Let’s chat in the comments below… 🙂