Poem – Heimweh

Is there a right way to slip back into the world of blogging after an unintentional four month break? I’m not exactly sure to be honest, but here I am! I don’t really have much of an excuse for my absence other than time began to slip away from me rather quickly once the semester started, and, after four years of weekly blogging, I decided I could afford a creative break from sharing on here.

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Poem – Fernweh

Do you ever feel grounded?

Not in a ‘safe, solid, I know where I am’ sort of way, but a ‘restless, wings clipped, I should be somewhere else’ sort of way… I’ve found a good word to describe that feeling – ‘fernweh’. It’s a German word that translates to ‘wanderlust’ and it encompasses that emotion very nicely. I stumbled upon that word a few months ago now and was immediately inspired to write the poem I’m about to share with you.

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Poem – Guilty

*Trigger Warning* The following poem contains description of eating disorders and their tragic consequences. If this topic is something that would cause you anxiety or worse, please don’t read this post. ❤

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Poem – Dostoevsky’s Wife

Greetings! I’m writing this late on what has ben a very snowy and delightful day. The snow is actually what inspired me to share this poem I’m about to share with you. The delight, not so much… 😀 You see, this poem isn’t exactly happy. I wrote it last semester based on a random prompt that my poetry professor gave me. She told me that apparently the famous Russian writer Dostoevsky was once so poor that he sold his wife’s coat for a loaf of bread to keep his starving family alive. I don’t know if it’s a true fact, but that image caught my imagination and got me thinking. Dostoevsky might have stayed hunger’s pangs for a while, but the loss of a coat would’ve invited death in another, just as cruel, way, in the form of cold. This poem contains my ponderings on that fact…

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Poem – This Holy Moment

Hello! Tonight my heart is happy because I spent the day with people I love very dearly from all corners of my world. I highly recommend social interaction – zoom or in-person. 😀 Being alone for too long is never a good thing, and seeking out relationship is such a worthwhile endeavour. So set up that zoom chat or facetime call, go find a person to eat dinner with or just sit in silence doing homework together – I promise it’ll be worth it. 😉

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