Poem – Mercy Triumphs

Hey there! I'm writing this blog post from a 150 year old stone house in the rolling countryside of Pescara, Italy, where me and my family are just about to finish off our holiday. It's been a grand few weeks travelling Europe - but alas, all good things must come to an end. I have … Continue reading Poem – Mercy Triumphs


NaPoWriMo Wrap Up & Poem – Stony Silence

Hello! I'm back after a week's break with my final post about NaPoWriMo... As you are probably aware, we are currently 4 days into May. Which means that NaPoWriMo is officially done! How did I do? Well... Despite having a full school work load because #Seniorlife... Despite working an insane 30 hr work week... Despite … Continue reading NaPoWriMo Wrap Up & Poem – Stony Silence