Poem – Silent Scars

Hello! It's good to be backv here again. 🙂 A week has passed - a full glorious week since I have officially graduated high school. During this week I have read two books, slept a lot, taken a guitar exam, and packed for my trip to Ireland. In fact, as you read this post, I … Continue reading Poem – Silent Scars


Poem – Beauty Restored

As you read this I will most likely be in a large hall with 14 other people, rehearsing for a performance of the gospel of Mark. The rehearsal is all day followed by a performance, thus I'm scheduling this post ahead of time... xD Let me explain a little bit more so you're not confused. … Continue reading Poem – Beauty Restored

Poem – Breathe

Imagination is a powerful thing.... Combined with the power of words, somehow it is possible to write about things that you might have never experienced, or just experienced in part... This poem is a conglomeration of personal experiences of sorrow,  friendship, and emotions, along with a healthy pinch of imagination and a love for story. … Continue reading Poem – Breathe