NaPoWriMo 2020 Update #2 & Poem – Sonnet, With Brown Sugar Sorrow

Greetings! Another week has passed, full of poetry, sunshine, and of course, baking/cooking. πŸ˜€ All these things have been a welcome relief from the mass of papers that I suddenly have had due this week. Only two weeks left in the semester, so everything is ramping up towards finals week and I can definitely tell!Β 

When it comes to writing poetry for NaPoWriMo, I’m still at the same place I was last week – two poems behind. But I’m determined I will catch up before the end of the month, so I’m still not that worried. πŸ˜€Β 

This week in one of my classes I have been studying a poet called Sherman Alexie. He has a very distinctive writing style, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about his poetry. One interesting style of poetry that he does is are his sonnets. They aren’t written in the typical, rigid style of sonnets. Instead they are written in a much more free-form style, simply kept within the confines of 14 lines (as a traditional style of sonnet would be). It’s kind of hard to explain, so feel free to click here to read a great example of one of Alexie’s sonnets. So today, in the spirit of Sherman Alexie, I decided to write my own free-form sonnet… I hope you enjoy!


1. Jazz and laughter dances in the kitchen with butter melting and chocolate chips. 2. A house divided against itself cannot stand, but she tries to mend the break with gentle hands kneading bread dough. 3. Weary willows weep, wondering when this wild child will return from his wanderings. 4. Oh you prodigal son, return – return to your broken-hearted mother before it is too late. 5. She is a mother to all, opening her arms wide and bestowing cookies to the masses. 6. Swing dancing with the ghosts of yesterday in an empty, midnight kitchen. 7. Morning breaks again, sunlight slanting through the window in solemn lines; dust dances irreverently in its wake of warmth. 8. The salt of tears from an aching heart drop one by one into a bowl of cookie dough, seasoning it to perfection. 9. Listen to the evensong of the mockingbird and smell the incense of brown sugar baking. 10. Pause, remove your shoes – for you are standing on sacred ground. 11. Shaking hands rest on an empty kitchen table, the flour underneath the fingernails singing an ancient song. 12. Can’t you see that she tried her best? 13. This house is warm and empty, like a womb bereft of its child too soon. 14. I love you, I love you, I love you – if I say it enough will you return to my open arms?


So there you have it – my take on a free form sonnet… I really enjoyed writing this – can you tell that baking has been on my mind recently? πŸ˜‰ I’m definitely planning to write more of this type of poetry in the upcoming days!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this poem in the comments below! Have you ever read any of Sherman Alexie’s poetry?Β