Poem – Fernweh

Do you ever feel grounded? Not in a 'safe, solid, I know where I am' sort of way, but a 'restless, wings clipped, I should be somewhere else' sort of way... I've found a good word to describe that feeling - 'fernweh'. It's a German word that translates to 'wanderlust' and it encompasses that emotion … Continue reading Poem – Fernweh

[hey poet, tell me a story] or, #7 Holy Water

Greetings my friends! Well, my summer is drawing to a close... God willing I will be flying back stateside in 8 days to start the first semester of my Junior year at the end of August. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for school to begin - but, well, here we are. 😀 The older … Continue reading [hey poet, tell me a story] or, #7 Holy Water