Poem – Heimweh

Is there a right way to slip back into the world of blogging after an unintentional four month break? I’m not exactly sure to be honest, but here I am! I don’t really have much of an excuse for my absence other than time began to slip away from me rather quickly once the semester started, and, after four years of weekly blogging, I decided I could afford a creative break from sharing on here.

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Poem – Fernweh

Do you ever feel grounded?

Not in a ‘safe, solid, I know where I am’ sort of way, but a ‘restless, wings clipped, I should be somewhere else’ sort of way… I’ve found a good word to describe that feeling – ‘fernweh’. It’s a German word that translates to ‘wanderlust’ and it encompasses that emotion very nicely. I stumbled upon that word a few months ago now and was immediately inspired to write the poem I’m about to share with you.

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NaPoWriMo Conclusion & Poem – Identity

Hello! I’m back once again, this time post-finals week and safely returned to my home country. 🙂 Yes, I survived both just fine, and I’m relishing this novel concept called ‘summer break’. ‘Tis a strange one to adjust to in some ways, but I’m very, very glad that it is finally upon me!

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NaPoWriMo 2021 & Poem – Sanctuary

Greetings and salutations!

(I know, I know – a blog post on a Monday? Shocking… Ok, I fully intended to get it up this past weekend, but the presence of three different big school events in the space of 48 hours rather hampered me from that goal. However, here I am now! So, enjoy this novelty of a blog post on a week day… :D)

Today is gloriously sunny, everything is blooming, and I’m fully convinced that summer has arrived in the PNW. You cannot convince me otherwise (until it starts pouring with rain again) and I am very happy. I’m also less than 3 weeks out from finishing my semester, and it’s less than 4 weeks until I go home – both joyous prospects indeed! Aaaand it’s also April which means it’s National Poetry Writing Month!

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Poem – Grey Area

Hey there! It’s a damp, grey afternoon in my little corner of the PNW, though that’s nothing new, considering that it’s January. I’m sitting in my room enjoying the combination of the fresh, rain-swept breeze blowing in through my open window and the warm air blasting out of my heating unit – it’s a good time 😀

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