A Reading Streak Continued…

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just do something
Just Do Something – Kevin DeYoung

2019 moved forward along with my Senior year. Somehow it was now my spring semester and graduation was starting to loom large. This book came at just the right time. I was grappling with like big decisions about which university to pick and how I could know exactly what God’s will was for my life. The truths that this little book contains hit me hard and at just the right time. It’s crazy how accurate God’s timing is. 😀 


L’Abri – Edith Schaeffer

February rolled around, and with it the long-anticipated of a dear kindred spirit from across the ocean. She brought this book with her and joined in on our reading streak with us. We read this book at the end of many delightful days, lying on the living room floor with colouring books and blankets. One glorious weekend was spent in London, with Mum calling us to read as we sat on sun-dappled wooden floors in a house older than America. This book transported us to a chalet perched on the side of the Swiss Alps, containing a family uniquely dedicated to trusting God and ministering to those God brought in their path. The book was good, but made even sweeter by the company I shared it with for a whole glorious month. ❤


the art of rest
The Art of Rest – Adam Mabry

My main memory of this book is reading it while sitting in the rain in our family van, just around the corner from my work. Mum would drive me to work 10 minutes early and we would sit and read before I ran off to deal with 30 children for three hours. The irony of the combination of the book’s content matter and my life during that time is not lost on me. It seemed that as we moved into March and spring my life only got busier. Graduating wasn’t an easy task, and life seemed full of busyness. It was good to take the time to read this book and be reminded of just how vital rest is in a Christian’s life. 


the great adventures of sherlock holmes
The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

We then took a break (or perhaps a rest! :D)  from non-fiction and ventured into the mystery genre for the first time. We spent a delightful month solving mysteries along with Sherlock Holmes. It would take us two 10 minute (ish) sessions to finish one chapter mystery, and so we’d have to live in suspense every other day when we stopped in the middle of a chapter. It was a welcome brain relief from the constant pressure that I was finding myself under as I headed rapidly towards exams and graduation. Who knew that murder mysteries could be so amusing? 😀 


Irresistible – Andy Stanley

Easter brought with it a 3 week road trip around Europe, along with this gem of a book. We read it in whispers in a tiny air bnb in Wittenberg, Germany after 16 straight hours in the car. We read it the day I committed to the university I’m now at – during a heavy rainstorm in Prague. I listened to it while curled up in a cosy chalet bedroom surrounded by snowy Austrian Alps. I also listened to it while unconsciously being burnt to a crisp during a swimming break while in Italy. This book will forever be connected to the beauty and history of Europe, though it actually has very little to do with the continent and has far more to do with reclaiming the richness of our Christian faith. 


Freckles – Gene Stratton-Porter

Home once again and routine back in place, our next book was this delightful vintage read. Spring was blooming all around and it seemed fitting that this book emphasized nature and the beauty of the natural seasons. As seasons were shifting, both in nature around me and in my own personal life, it was somehow comforting to read the story of this tenacious, tender-hearted one-handed boy and his passion for nature. I also really only remember reading this book in my bedroom, which may contribute to the aura of peace and nostalgia that fills the memories of this book.


Come back next week to read the final installment of this reading streak series! 




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