Book Lover Tag + Exciting-Ness

Yes, I know exciting-ness isn't a word, and as a future English student I should probably be using better grammar in my blog posts. But I think the word fits my feelings right now, so I'm going to roll with it... 😀 So, what's the reason for this exciting-ness?? Well, there are two reasons actually... … Continue reading Book Lover Tag + Exciting-Ness


NaPoWriMo Wrap Up & Poem – Stony Silence

Hello! I'm back after a week's break with my final post about NaPoWriMo... As you are probably aware, we are currently 4 days into May. Which means that NaPoWriMo is officially done! How did I do? Well... Despite having a full school work load because #Seniorlife... Despite working an insane 30 hr work week... Despite … Continue reading NaPoWriMo Wrap Up & Poem – Stony Silence