Poem – The Mouseling Ball

Today’s poem is just a wee bit of fun I had writing one Sunday night. I think it’s mostly inspired by the fact that COVID has made it impossible to do any sort of group dances for over 8 months now, and that makes my dancing loving heart rather sad. So what better way to soothe it than with poems about dancing mice? 😀


When the cat’s away on holiday,

the mice will dance.


Some waltzing across thick Persian carpet in

pink ballet slippers like

baby rose buds blowing in the summer wind.


Others spin breathlessly

to the sound of wild ceilidh violins,

floorboards creaking softly beneath

tiny fairy rings and Gay Gordons

circling to and fro.


Some are even bold enough

to clatter a rhythm across the

wide expanse of the polished dinner table,

with tap shoes that sound like the frantic

fingers of a poet flying across faded typewriter keys.


I hope you enjoyed that bit of writerly fun. 🙂 Do you enjoy dancing? If so, what type? I’d love to hear all about in the comments!

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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