Poetic Fragments

Recently I have been missing writing… Now that NaPoWriMo is over, my self-imposed goal of writing every day has long since gone out the window. Time keeps moving and life is getting busier with the addition of multiple jobs and plenty of random tasks to keep me busy. I have found that my poetic brain is getting rather rusty. So yesterday I sat down and wrote some little poetic fragments… I wouldn’t venture to call them poems at this point – they aren’t fully developed or edited or anything. But it is getting the writing machine moving again, and I am grateful for that! So, in the spirit of being vulnerable, here are some of these poetic fragments for you – unedited and rough as they may be. 🙂


Give me the rustle of a turning page, the warmth of late morning sunshine,

a song sung with heart, the sheer tenacity of a flower blooming from a brick wall.

Give me the pounding of rain on the roof, the chatter of bright voices,

an outburst of bubbling laughter, the trust of a smaller hand held in yours.

Give me the wind blowing through the trees, tangling my hair, patting my cheek,

and life in all its light and shadow, waxing and waning like the summer moon.


I’m sorry that I only spent approximately 1.3 seconds

admiring the brightness of your ocean eyes,

 while the rest of the time I was thinking about what I would do

if you handed me a forged note.

Sometimes I forget about the hidden beauty of ordinary humanity.


There were italics in your voice,

the day you looked at me like that…

And suddenly the words on the tip of my tongue

dissolved like sugar – sweet nothingness compared to the

weight of your words.


Dawn comes as it usually does –

soft and grey, then peeping shyly golden

around my curtains.

I open my arms

to welcome the rosy cheeked morning.


Each of these fragments have been inspired by recent happenings in my life (things I’ve been loving lately, a conversation with a friend, an encounter at work, a LMM book I read)… I’m not sure how many of these will become full blown poems, but it was nice to remind myself what good writing can do for the soul. 🙂

What snippets of your life could be summed up in a poetic fragment? What has done your soul good recently? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 🙂 

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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