Poem – Wildflowers

Well hello once again! Wow, it feels weird not to be doing the photo challenge this week! After four weeks of doing it, I’d kind of got into a habit. 😀 Maybe I’ll do something similar again in the future… This week, I’ve decided to share a poem with you. It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of them. Plus, there’s the fact that it’s late and my brain is dead from taking the SAT exam today. Yup, it’s over now, and ohhh it’s such a nice feeling not to have to worry about it anymore! Just two more weeks of school and one more exam and my Junior year of high school will officially be complete! I can’t wait for May 23rd. xD Anyways, my brain is too tired to write book reviews (which was my original plan), so I guess you’ll have to settle for a poem this week. 😛 But don’t fear, I have at least two posts worth of book reviews to come, so you expect them in the next weeks! 

This poem is one that I jotted down in the midst of all my crazy studying. I think I was meant to be studying for a test, but hey, writing poetry is much more fun than that! 😀 And when the writing bug hits me, I have to write right away, otherwise the inspiration disappears. So yes, this poem is a result of one of those random hits of inspiration. And I will just add that it is basically unedited. I will probably come back and edit it at a later point, but I figured I’d let you see it in all it’s raw glory. 😉 Let me know what y’all think of it! 



~ Wildflowers ~

Sun speckled morning

Bird song and bare feet

On worn wooden floors


The outdoors is calling

The sun is beckoning

Fields of wildflowers sway in the breeze


Laughter and milk spills

Running, jumping, soaring

Across honey brown floors


Shorts and t shirts

Bare brown knees

Skinned but still so strong


Running and leaping under the great blue sky

Yellow flowers clenched in sticky fists

Eyes shining


A lump on the spine

A doctor’s office

A silent x-ray


Driving on sun-draped roads

Towards cities and unknown futures

Sandal clad feet slap

Hollowly on hospital floors


Sun dancing through windows

The honk of traffic riding on the wind

Up, up, up to the top floor


Wires and needles and x-rays

Poison pumping through veins

Feet tangled in strange white sheets


Little body

So strong

Fighting for the sake of running

Over sun warmed

Honey brown



Bleeping instead of birdsong

Shuffling replaces soaring

Yellow wildflowers pressed

Between the pages of books


Long days

Even longer nights

The stars are hiding

Behind the glare of city lights


Questions with no answers

More x-rays

More wires

More pain


Frail hands grasp dried wildflowers

Turning to dust

Beneath the stark white lights

Little body

So frail

Fighting for the sake of running

Through wildflower fields

Under the great blue sky


Summer starts to say goodbye

Leaves turn brown

Heartbeat slows

Wind begins to chill

Eyes droop



Weak hands wave farewell

Grasping the last

Yellow wildflowers


Whispers of love through parched lips

A final sunbeam

Dances through the window


Heart slows


Leaving a smile

Home at last

 Where sun warms

Honey brown floors

And where the great blue sky

Stretches over a field

Of yellow wildflowers





Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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