Poem – Breathe

Imagination is a powerful thing…. Combined with the power of words, somehow it is possible to write about things that you might have never experienced, or just experienced in part… This poem is a conglomeration of personal experiences of sorrow,  friendship, and emotions, along with a healthy pinch of imagination and a love for story. I hope you enjoy!



She told me,

Pulling me up by the hand

From the darkness where I languished.

“Just breathe. In and out…

In and out.”

My chest was heavy and I struggled underneath

The weight of it.

The burden of a thousand unshed tears

Choked the light out of my eyes,

As I struggled in the darkness.



She told me

Holding me close to her

So I could hear her strong, beating heart

“Just breathe. I’m here –

I’m here now.”

I sucked sorrow in with oxygen and breathed out

Pain mixed with my shallow breath.

The weight of my world sitting squarely on my shoulders

Bowed me down under its stony mass,

As my small spark of life flickered – quivered – in the dark.



She told me

Holding me so that her river of life could

Flow warm and new into my weary veins.

“Just breathe. One minute…

Just face the next minute.”

And the fog of pain slipped from my eyes for

Just a moment.

And the dark weight of sorrow felt just a little lighter – knowing

That someone was sharing my burden and

Breathing life in with me –

One breath at a time.


So what do you think? Does any part of this poem resonate with you? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

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