Poem – Rainstorm in July

Hello! I’m finally back home after a crazy busy 7 weeks in the states, and so hopefully posting on this blog can get back to normal. 😀 Today I’m sharing a poem that I wrote this week during… well you can probably guess what… I know I’ve been sharing a lot of poems recently, but that’s pretty much all I’ve had time to write. I promise to share something other than poetry soon! I hope you enjoy!

Rain pours down from a heavy sky

drenching the earth.

Brown grass lifts parched hands

welcoming the cooling, the wet,

the green once again.


Cracked earth relaxes

as streams flow

over its dry and scaly back.

Mud puddles rising,

fresh breezes blowing,


what once was dead

is being raised to life.


Rain pounds down on an empty street,

drops bouncing,


to a life-giving song.

New streams roll down,

warm puddles gather on hot asphalt.


The smell of dry earth

softened and unfolding,

dampening under the deluge,

rises warm and clean.


The smell of concrete,

darkened and glistening

under the showers from heaven,

spreads strong and sweet.


The smell of new life

rises afresh.

The earth reborn

as life-giving water

rains down.

Close-Up Photography of Wet Leaves


Author: Hannah

Jesus follower. writer. bibliophile. dreamer.

One thought on “Poem – Rainstorm in July”

  1. I really like this poem, Hannah. Love how you used the senses to describe it. You captured the storm in words so well, I could just picture it: deluge, drenching, drops bouncing and dancing. And the puddles are warm due to it being a July rainstorm! No doubt, the earth seems reborn after this storm – and we had several of them last week. Everything is so green now here and the sun finally returned.


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